El Chapo and the Endless War

The War on Drugs has been an endless battle from the 1960s until our day and age. The United States, in the last decade, has teamed up with the Government in Mexico to find a solution to put a stop to the drug trafficking along the border that claims to be the source of the 90% consumed drugs in the United States. The United States has funded Mexican intelligence to stop the flow of drugs which have continued to be failed efforts.

However, last year in February, El Chapo, the King Pin drug lord of jefe de los jefes,  Joaquin Loera Guzman, was located and arrested. He was considered the “richest and most powerful criminal in the world”, “‘most cogent organized crime syndicate in the world'” that was trafficking and the Departments of Enforcement Administration’s “biggest manhunt of all time”.

During his warrant for his arrest, El Joaquin Guzman was considered Forbe’s 14th richest man, making him a global leader and a Mexican folk hero.

Also during his warrant, many people believed that the law enforcement, United States’ and Mexican governments, and the DEA, knew where he was the whole time and was making deals with him to keep his location secret.

After his arrested, the governments thought that the War on Drugs would end along with his reign, however, there are drugs still being imported as other cartels and leaders are rising up. El Chapo’s roots and influences have branches out from Sinaloa outward to other cartels and into the continuation of the War on Drugs.

What could have been prevented in this decade war is the cost of lives, both dead and missing, along with the United States dollars that were taken from other budgets. If what is true about the governments making deals with El Chapo, then they have kept that money,or riches, for themselves and have created this war with no cause. We can only hope that the decriminalization and legalization of Marijuana could help cease this war.




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