Previously, I mentioned a historical figure by the name of Doña Marina.

Before she was renamed to Doña Marina, she was born Malintzin, we know by Malinche, to a father who ruled a village called Paynala. She was fluent in Nahuatl and was educated which was a privilege for women in her village. Legend says that she was captured at a young age and that is how she ended up with Hernan Cortes.

In the 16th Century, Hernan Cortes was on a mission from Spain and had won battles along Central America. In exchange for his achievements, he was given Indigenous slaves and Malinche was among them. Since she was so fluent in Nahuatl and able to speak to the Aztecs, Hernan saw her as useful and kept her along his side and renamed her Doña Marina.

He used Doña Marina to establish agreements and orders to the Indigenous people of the Aztec Empire, including her own village she was born to. He was finishing his manifesto.

It was not before long that Doña Marina and Hernan Cortes began to have relations. She bore him his first son, and the first Mestizo – European and Indigenous blood.

Image: “Storming of the Teocalli by Cortez and His Troops,” 1848, painting by Emanuel Leutze

“Storming of the Teocalli by Cortez and His Troops,”

In the end, she was seen as a traitor to her people and given the name, La Chingada, meaning “the fucked one”. Some see her as the Sacajawea of Latin America and some see her as the cause for the fall of the Aztec Empire. Her history has been told in different aspects. She has even been seen as La Llorona. However, she did give birth to what would become a new race. Without this race, many of use who live in the southwest would not be here today. Although life and culture was lost, a new one was born.


Treaty de Guadelupe Hildalgo

Many of those residing in Arizona, California, Texas, and a few other states, do not know the history of how those states came to be. Arizona, California, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, and parts of Utah and Washington were once a part of Mexico and are a result of a Treaty proposed by the United States. But first, I will discuss the Divisions in Mexico before the Mexican American War in 1846.

Mexico has already had it’s share of visitors before the States. Spain had dominated the native people and saw them as a huge source of labor. The Spaniards had also started to mixed their blood with the Aztecs, inevitably creating the Mexican Race. There is the legend of Doña Marina, La Chingada, that was said to be when the first Mexican came to be.

Then, after Spain had established it’s New empire, the English colonizers decided to move south to open new market opportunities and gain use of new resources.  These visitors were different. They refused to mix blood and kind of looked at the residence of the southern lands as uncivilized. This resulted into the Mexican American War; a fight for Independence.

This War was fought on Mexican soil with one side being fully prepared and the other’s not knowing what to expect and having little military resources to use, again. Remember the Alamo? The result of this 2 year battle was a peace treaty signed in 1848, called the Treaty de Guadalupe Hildalgo. The treaty would give $15 million to Mexico from the United states in exchange for a massive land intake. The residence in those areas would have the opportunity to receive American citizenship and full rights or relocate themselves within the new Mexican border. However, those who did decide to remain where they were, were forced into new culture norms and religion – assimilation began again.

In my opinion, the result of the Mexican American war are still felt today with our perceived problem of immigration. We live in an system based on law after an unlawful situation.